About Upliftv Foundation CLF

Upliftv is a Christian movie and ministry television network that is owned and operated by Olympusat, Inc. Upliftv has partnered with Capstone Legacy Foundation, a 501(c)(3) Christian Community Foundation, serving as Upliftv’s foundation, a ministry charity project of Capstone Legacy Foundation. Upliftv Foundation is dedicated to the work of the gospel, but specifically the creation and licensing of Christian movies, documentaries, TV series and other forms of inspirational programming developed for broadcasting and distribution by Upliftv on various media outlets and services, including on television and over the Internet.

Stories are an important part of Christ teaching that includes a balance of Parables and sermons. Upliftv network is currently featuring this same balance in the form of movies and ministries in order to communicate as Christ did.
Upliftv Foundation is committed to producing and licensing inspirational and biblical stories, movies, documentaries and series that adhere to the accuracy of the Word of God and biblical events that are not always portrayed accurately by secular film makers.

Additionally, Upliftv features selected ministry and humanitarian TV programs that help those in need. Upliftv Foundation acknowledges that a portion of its funds can be used for charitable work to support the work of ministries and other Christian philanthropic endeavors.

Capstone Legacy Foundation, working together with Upliftv, is serving as Upliftv Foundation’s 501(c)(3). Capstone Legacy Foundation is a 501(c)(3) Christian Community Foundation located in Wayne, PA., which provides ministries and donors with charitable giving solutions that provide tax savings and are easy to implement. Capstone Legacy Foundation is dedicated to helping ministries, non-profits, individuals, and businesses create customized giving strategies that change lives, impact communities and expand the Kingdom of God.

Qualified for fund raising in 50 states, Capstone Legacy Foundation can accept a wide variety of assets – cash, stock, annuities, equity and property. Capstone provides the processing and administrative support for the charitable donations for Upliftv Foundation. 

To contact us by mail or to send a donation, please send to the following address.
Uplift Foundation - CLF
900 W. Valley Road
Ste. 203
Wayne, PA 19087

Or contact us by Phone: 
Donations & Gift Offers: 844-787-5438 
Upliftv Customer Support: 214-731-7878 ext 102

To learn more please visit CapstoneLegacy.org or Upliftv.com