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Sherry Damron Book Offer
Sherry Damron Book Offer

Donation: $35.00

Product Code: SDBO


In the Undone book read how a broken, bruised, and abused, Sherry Damron would never be a wife or mother, because those rights had been stripped from her through no choice of her own. She turned to drugs and alcohol. But now she’s preaching the Gospel of grace to the nations, has signed a contract with Loretta Lynn, is a wife and mom, has released two CDs, has her own TV program and has forty-one churches in Pakistan. This is a story of God’s miraculous GRACE!

In addition to receiving the Undone book for your donation of $35, you will also receive 3 of Sherry Damron’s latest music CD’s titled, God Bless America Again, For Such a Time as This and Do It Anyway.